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Our Commissary is our Kitchen

The Classic and irresistible tastes of Salisbury House all begin in our unique Commissary. Virtually all our dishes, on our restaurant menus and through the Sals Market, are created in this centralized facility.  


Sourcing local ingredients, the Salisbury House Commissary produces everything from FRESH buns, bread, soups and sauces to the NEW Heat & Eat Prepared meals you simply heat and serve at home.

The Sals Market is an evolution of the original Sals Store concept, which was started back in the 1960’s when the Salisbury House Commissary was first established. A wholesale food and bakery outlet; the Sals Store offered staff and customers the opportunity to purchase Salisbury House products at wholesale prices.

Just like the Sals Store, the Sals Market (established in 2020) offers Salisbury House Classic products such as Nip Meat, Fresh baked bread and buns, and of course, Sals famous soups and sauces. However, we now offer great new additions for any household or business:

  • Heat & Eat prepared meals

  • Wholesale grocery items

  • Custom catering

  • Premium Loose-Leaf Teas

And, that's just an appetizer for now. The Sals Market will continue to grow and innovate just as the Salisbury House brand of restaurants has. With Diego’s daily and weekly deals, generous portions and rock bottom wholesale prices, you’ll find every visit has something special to offer you and your family.

Located at 1800 King Edward street, two blocks north of the Red River College Campus, the Sals Market has ample parking, convenient hours and friendly staff, making grocery shopping and pick-ups a breeze.

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